Richard Conley

Richard, Regional Service Manager

"I started as an apprentice, now I'm responsible for the profitability and success of my department."

"I was a carpenter and construction worker but when I was starting a family, I wanted more year-round work with better benefits. That's when I entered the ASFA apprenticeship program and 4-years of on-the-job Sprinkler Fitter Apprentice training. Within four years I was running jobs for my company."

"In my years on the job I have held many different positions from Apprentice to Field Superintendent and have learned from all of them. Now as Regional Service Manager, I handle a variety of challenges like going on the road to look at work, working at the computer to do pricing, quoting and scheduling, and overseeing our warehouse and service department."

As a fire sprinkler installer your work protects people's lives. Job security, great pay and the opportunity to earn while you learn, no experience necessary.

John Suarez

John, Foreman

"I started working in the shop, now I'm a job foreman with people reporting to me."

"While working a construction job right out of high school, I learned about fire sprinkler contractors from working on job sites with them. I learned right away, it was one of the most respected trades."

"I started working in the shop. Then I took design classes. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to learn. Since then I've worked on large residential and retail projects. I learned quickly that fire sprinkler installers have an excellent opportunity for advancement and change. Now I'm a job foreman, with six people reporting directly to me. As a fire sprinkler installer, there's a real sense of accomplishment because I'm working in the construction field and installing a system that ultimately saves lives and protects property."

As a fire sprinkler installer your work protects people's lives. Job security, great pay and the opportunity to earn while you learn, no experience necessary.