A fire sprinkler designer is a professional who creates and designs fire protection systems to prevent or aid in fire emergencies. Their duties include conducting field and site surveys, designing systems for various applications, and creating blueprints for fire alarms. They also perform hydraulic calculations, manage project documentation, and collaborate with other building trades. A fire sprinkler designer needs to be skilled in AutoCAD, fire protection codes, and hydraulic analysis software. They also need to work with ladders and lifts and ensure their designs meet the necessary safety standards.

How Long Does It Takes To Become A Fire Sprinkler Designer?

It typically takes 2 – 6 years to become a fire sprinkler designer:

Years 1-4: Attend a Trade School or obtain a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as mechanical engineering, fire protection engineering, or architecture.
Years 2-6: Accumulating the necessary work experience in designing fire sprinkler systems and related tasks, such as reading blueprints and using computer-aided design software.

Educational Requirements


You can also be trained as a designer in The American Fire Sprinkler Association's Beginning & Intermediate Design Programs.
There are certain fire sprinkler designer certifications that you should consider. These fire sprinkler designer certifications include NICET and Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS).


There are several educational requirements to become a fire sprinkler designer. Fire sprinkler designers usually study drafting and design, mechanical engineering, or fire science and protection. 48% of fire sprinkler designers hold a associate degree, and 34% hold an bachelor's degree. We analyzed 584 real fire sprinkler designer resumes to see exactly what fire sprinkler designer education sections show. The most common colleges for fire sprinkler designers are the Oklahoma State University and the University of Maryland.

What Degree Do You Need To Be A Fire Sprinkler Designer?

The most common degree for fire sprinkler designers is associate degree, with 48% of fire sprinkler designers earning that degree. The second and third most common degree levels are bachelor's degree degree at 34% and bachelor's degree degree at 12%.
  • Associate, 48%
  • Bachelor's, 34%
  • High School Diploma, 12%
  • Diploma, 2%
  • Other Degrees, 4%

Potential Career Paths

Average Fire Sprinkler Designer Salary

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