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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Technician

A fire technician is a professional who conducts safety inspections and planning for fire protection systems. They assess building safety, work with various protection measures, and prevent fires as much as possible. Their duties include installing or implementing systems that will safeguard the area against potential fire damage, evaluating buildings for fire hazards, and making recommendations for fire prevention. They also respond to emergency situations promptly after any water or fire incident. Fire technicians need knowledge about different fire protection measures, such as exit signages, fire hydrants, and sprinkler systems. They may also be consulted in the early stages of construction with regards to flame retardant building materials.


How Much Time The Service Will Take?

  • Years 1-2: Obtaining an associate degree in a relevant field such as fire science, engineering, or a related field.
  • Year 3: Accumulating the necessary work experience and completing on-the-job training in areas such as fire system installation, maintenance, and repair.

Career Paths

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Sample Salary

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